What are Bernard Oppetit's trading tactics?

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  • Track the activities of key players and grasp the implications of corporate events.
  • Who and what factors may affect market prices? How do they affect market prices? What are their motives?
  • Adjust your analysis method according to different time frames and underlying securities.
  • Be sure to consider what other market participants are thinking.
  • The Swiss method: treat trading objects without emotions. Objective and neutral.
  • Losses: start every day with zero losses.
  • Losses: be honest with yourself, or you will have to write a check to Mr. Bernard Oppetit!
  • Losses: are you willing to establish a position at today's price?
  • Losses: feel the pressure of fear, and avoid repeating the same mistakes.
  • Objectivity does not mean that trading has no artistic elements.
  • You do not need to take major risks to win major profits.
  • How is the relationship between risk and return?
  • Set the maximum risk level for any trade.
  • Set the maximum loss amount allowed for the position.
  • Break down your investment, but do not diversify beyond your management ability.
  • Top traders must be responsible for themselves.
  • Top traders dare to admit losses and acknowledge their mistakes.
  • Dare to stay away from the crowd, and if your judgment is correct, you can boost your self-confidence.
  • Use mental rather than actual stop loss.
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